These architectural lights utilise the captivating translucence of different wood veneers.  The pendant ‘Trinity’ shades are adjustable.  When shut down they are sculptural mood lighting, when opened up they allow a practical quantity of direct light to diffuse the room.

There is a set range of pendant and wall mounted lampshades.  Alternatively you can specify a unique light, or combination of lights which reflect the proportions, palette and feel of your particular scheme –  each light can be truly bespoke.

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Inlaid Circles

These pieces are 2D wall hung pieces. They are selected rough sawn boards which are inlaid with a solid wooden circle. Harmony of proportion and beauty of grain are the key elements.

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Partial Spheres

These ‘shield’ like sculptures can be wall mounted or ceiling suspended. They feature triangular and hexagonal ‘tiling’ as well as concave indentations. Integral lighting can augment specific features, or silhouette the whole piece with backlight.

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About WoodStar

Woodstar is a Brighton based company, specialising in shaping wood into curves, circles and spheres.   We take our inspiration from classical geometry and natural forms.


We exhibit regularly at different shows and venues.  The next show is ‘designjunction‘ in London.


Woodstar furniture contains some of the themes and features present in the more purely aesthetic and artistic pieces – curves, circles and spheres.